W H O ?

Anne-Catherine Frey, Paris based Fashion Multitalent & Jessie Chase, Wellbeing expert from NYC. That’s us, we are friends and most importantly (for you at least) we are seriously serious about good food. This is Eatery Index, the fusion of both of our worlds and lifestyles, all translated into one big culinary adventure. Nice to meet you!

W H Y ?

Question: why is it always so hard to find that “bonne adresse” in your area, not on the other side of town? Well, that’s what we were asking ourselves as well. It all started stranded in NYC’s Flatiron district, where AC was in urgent need of a healthy anti-jetlag breakfast in a nice and inviting setting - and fast please. We all know, when you’re hungry, you want to sit down one block away, not one eternity and one L-Train ride to the other side of town. Tricky when you don’t know the area, right? Followed by the obligatory Google-Search, a resultless exchange with NYC native JJ (she’s not an encyclopaedia after all) and one rather mediocre Avocado Toast it was decided - this is Eatery Index.

H O W ?

Eatery Index is not your average simple review website - as much as we think that our personal opinion is important, at Eatery Index we believe that your individual opinion matters the most. In order to make a decision, you need a large choice and variety of options to find the perfect spot you want to visit. Instead of reviewing and testing every place ourselves, we operate like your favourite search engine for restaurants: no more frantic Google-Search adventures for you - we are in charge and only handpick the most promising, the newest and most iconic spots in town. Clear pictures of each location (because “Instagrammability” is an actual word in 2018), non-blurry pictures of food (you don’t want to lose your hunger over a set of bad pictures, do you?), handpicked reviews from the web to create a neutral profile for each place and simple, clear basic information (so that you don’t have to stand in front of a closed door, cause that sucks) - these are the key ingredients that shape Eatery Index. And because on top of everything we ourselves are totally addicted to good food and pretty places where we go out to test on a regular basis in order to highlight all of our personal favorite gems for you - just look out for the little star icon on the top right of the restaurant preview. Yupp, these are our favorites. Just so you know.

W H E N ?

We dig out awesome places every week continuously - that way you always have new options and surprises waiting. Its this easy.


Don’t hesitate to reach out, we are more than happy to hear from you at eateryindex@gmail.com - and it wouldn't be very coherent with the entire Eatery Index Philosophy if we didn’t share our own Instagram Profiles with you - we are @annecatherinefrey and @jjchase. Come say hi!